Buying A Home Is A BIG DEAL!

Buying A Home Is Possible With Synergy Properties Group

Buying a home, whether you are a first time buyer, repeat buyer or investor, is a very important decision. This process can be a really good experience or a horrible experience. However, this choice is up to you when determining who your real estate team should be. We understand that everyone has different goals and expectations and strive to cater to every client’s needs. Our knowledge of the market gives you the advantage of having a team actively involved in the market. Look no further than Synergy Properties Group to get you into your next home, it’s more than just sending active listings but about creating a plan that will make you a READY, WILLING and ABLE buyer.

Knowing Your Buying Power

Part of your real estate team includes a lender that will inform you what your buying power is for the current market. This will involve providing the lender with financial information that will assist the lender to determine your buying power is with a pre-approval. Your pre-approval is also a part of your plan we create to make sure you are a strong buyer. Not having this information from the lender will waste your time and the sellers since it is a very competitive market.

Searching For Your Home

During your initial buyers consultation, we go in depth about what is important to you in a home. Whether it is location, number of bedrooms, layout, etc, we make sure we are clear of your wants and needs. Once we have a clear understanding of your goals, we filter searches online to update you frequently on the current market. Our network is also a resource we also use to find the perfect home. We make sure your goals are our goals! 

Process For Home Tours

In this competitive market, it is important that you are touring homes as soon as possible to get in front of the competition. If a home got your attention online, your goal as the driver of this process is to see the home as soon as possible. Our systems make sure we keep you updated on any home you are interested in in a timely manner. 

Communication Is Key When Buying A Home

For many of our clients, the #1 request for many of our clients is clear communication. This includes receiving frequent updates on your process as a buyer. Even when there may be some bumps along the way, we make sure we focus on having a solution to any problem that may come. We know that the home buying process may be confusing but we make sure that as your local expert, we keep you updated every step of the way. 

You Are Ready To Make An Offer

You’ve found  a home that you want to put an offer on, now what? Well be making sure that you receive updated numbers from your lender will help you understand if the numbers make sense for you. Also, discussing the best case scenario for a competitive offer is important. Once your offer is accepted, it is game time and our job is to make sure you meet all deadlines of your contract in a stress free way. 

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